Content Menagment System

Nowadays clients more commonly use the Internet, and it’s the Internet where they search for the current company’s offer. The lack of updated offer is often the reason for client to resign from the company’s services. That is why all our web sites are based on CMS systems.

Based on CMS we prepare:

  • Www pages
  • Internet stores
  • Product data bases
  • and other

In our projects We use:


It is fully created and developed CMS by our company.

The basic features and abilities of DMScms:

  • Creating multilevel menu structure
  • Visual page content editor WYSIWIG
  • Possibility of grouping the pages’ content in two or three columns
  • Automatic creation of shortcuts of particular parts
  • Automatic creation of thumbnails in a given size (diminished photos, 
    which are available in original size after clicking on a photo)